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The jump scares were legit! Keep up the good work!

I played this after playing the camp massacre and I can definitely say both games are amazing. Loved it very much keep it going ✊

Pretty scary game. Good job dude! 8.5/10

Scary Game I highly recommend it ,well made.10/10

good game

좋은 게임

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My dumb ass didn't look into the game enough to find out there were actually 4 endings so please excuse the arrogance. Beside's any gripes this is a pretty well made adaption to the classic creepy pasta I was petrified of as a kid! Great props my guy!

amazing game it had me screaming if you can could you check out the video 

The fact that this man be popping up out of nowhere is str8 creepy😂Had me checking every corner. If ya nosey, here's my reaction while playing

great game

This game had me screaming !!! OMG good job XD

This was great! Fits the story perfectly! I need more

What happened to night maniac, i loved it!

bro awesome game here's my gameplay!

His smile is wonderful


buen juego

nice game revealed nice content 

this game is well made and has a unique feel to it! the atmosphere was eerie and creepy in all the perfect way! at the time of recording the video I only went for 3 endings so I thought I was done so I think I didn't finish the whole game. also I don't know if this is a bug or not,  but there a section where the game teleports me outside the market, but it didn't affect the overall gameplay and only made it better for me at least. great work, keep it up!

Awesome game! i did all 5 Endings....
Somehow the current version has numerous bugs. I've played several rounds now. When I leave the supermarket, the laughing man walks in place. Then he runs after you at a distance of one meter. You can't build distance. If I then try to enter my house, he automatically hits me once. Then comes the death sequence and I have to click continue. Then again comes the lettering True Ending. Something is wrong

Really good game. Love the scare it gave me haha.

Where is The RAR/ZIP Version

A zipped version is not necessary, the download file is already the game, no need to worry👍

Hello. Awesome game! What engine did you use?

th main menu could be improved

like put a less generic spooky thing font and th guy hiding around a corner in a dark place or somethign

Achei o jogo bem medíocre,pois esperava algo mais intenso e inesperado. Na primeira jogatina,dá medo, mas com o passar do tempo isso fica  menos presente e o "final verdadeiro" é que me deixou com mais dúvida pois não deixa tão evidente o que acontece,diferente do "final bom/ruim"

I found the game very mediocre, as I expected something more intense and unexpected. In the first game, it's scary, but over time it becomes less present and the "true ending" is what left me with more doubts because it doesn't make it so evident what happens, unlike the "good/bad ending"

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Ok, sua opinião, nessa "época" ainda estava aprendendo a mexer na engine, então não deu pra fazer algo "intenso" e "inesperado", e o final verdadeiro... na historia real o homem volta pra casa, e coloquei essa cena/cutscene no final, pra afirmar que o homem sorridente observa ele o tempo todo, até pq ele é um stalker psicopata, mais enfim... respeito sua opinião, muito obrigado por jogar👍

Wow, this was so scary! Someone should totally make a short horror movie out of it! /s (it's genuinely good thx for sharing!)

I feel like this was heavily inspired by Michael Even's short film '2AM The Smiling Man' and was sad to see it had no credit to his creation despire the character, diologue and plot being incredibly similar.

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Oh, yeah! about that... I had forgotten to put the credits, I don't really put the credits, I only put the credits on the Sound Tracks on youtube, now that you reminded me I will put the credits on, Thank you for reminding me

cool game

It was a good game, got me a few times. Sometimes I got confused about the villain but overall a very cool game

Great Game!

This game scared me Shitless! Very well done! 

Loved it!!!

Really creepy, super fun. Kind of a short experience, but I really enjoyed it!

who knows the actual video of the smiling man from yt

It's called 2AM the smiling man by Michael Evens

yes, gj!

This gave me a bit of a scare once he started chasing me for real. I enjoyed this short horror and got scared to the bone. 

Okay this really freaked me out! Definitely play this if you hate being chased but love being scared LOL. First game of the video

This game was scarier than i expected.

This game was last to be played in the video

almost gave me a virus

not slay

It's not a virus, unfortunately most of the games I make give false positives, I think it's a problem with the engine, I wish I could solve this

it set off my windows malware protection and my rav endpoint- you sure its not?- /nm

Absolutely sure, I would never create something to harm someone, much less doing what I like (games)

Hello. What happened to your other upcoming game, Night Maniac? 

There have been some unforeseen events, some people have said that Night Maniac is a horrible copy of Night Shift, and I thought... I ended up agreeing a bit, the prologue of the game is too similar to Night Shift, so I am recreating the game, with the prologue changed

Probably one of the SCARIEST game ive played.

Is there even more endings legit? Games pretty good I think the loud jump scare sounds hamper the experience that could be a legit terrifying one. Still enjoyed!

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