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why are you shopping for 1.89 chips at 2 am girl chill

scary jumpsacres made me yell haha 

one of those scares was actually horrifying lmao (game 1) 

I enjoyed this game honestly. Imma try to get to good ending next time. 

Why is he so fast

bro the game is so good!

Very unsettling game! The Smiling Man creeped me out and managed to jump scare me several times 😂 great game! 

очень странная игра

Loved the game! Definitely scary! 1000/10! Third game in the video! 

i cant play this game my windows says this exe is dangerous

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prolly the scariest game i’ve played yet. had me on edge before anything even started

Great Game!

A cool game i love to see more games from this creator

Game wasn't actually bad

Alone again: 0:10 - 3:21 | The Smiling man: 3:32 - 9:33

( 2 Scary Games )

i tried so hard to get a good ending lol

Great Game I highly recommend it  the game need more to the story but well made.10/10

Played this game a while ago and I loved it

I'm glad I got to play this game this year and hope you all have a great Merry Christmas

Fun little game, wish there was a skip button to make it easier to get the other endings. Other than that it was good!

Great Game!

hes so cheerful 

The Smiling Man is insanely unsettling!  Those random jump up appearances spooked the hell out of me

THIS GAME IS FREAKIN' AWESOME!! This is the best horror game I've played in a very, very long time. Give yourself a pat-on-the-back NoxusGamesStudio

the chase was thrilling realy enjoyed it

I played the other endings. It was fun to play this game again.

Very creepy. I love the Smiling Man creepypasta. It's neat seeing it interpreted through someone else's imagination.

un juego bastante interesante, corto y conciso. quizás uno de los más grandes sustos que he tenido es con este juego. 

This was so good i managed to get three endings not sure how to get the 4th one.

This game was a lot of fun! Definitely recommend it!

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This game caught me off guard. The jump scares snuck up on me and were effective. Good job on this one. Would love to see more! 

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