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Very scary game made me scream!

This game was great! Loved the way he ran. Great game, will you be needing any voice actors in future games?

A Very Creepy Creepypasta!!!



nah bro i got so scared i uninstalled 😂


if you see him smiling just run

gameplay pt-br

suelo ser muy resistente al miedo, pero debo admitir que este juego loro sacarme un par de sustos 

Es muy bueno XD

nostalgic little horror game, def a must play in my eyes :)

Great game, love the atmosphere plus I got a glitchy ending which was fun.

Ok game.

this was one of the first horror games i ever watched, and it made me want to make content for it. thank you for this amazing little game. first game in this video

Deleted 131 days ago

idk if theres more endings but i got bad, this game truly is scary i love the chase scene and the sound effects this game adds mad me almost have a heart attack i rate this a 12/20 about to play the remake soon love this.

Smiling Man Just Wants A Hug 

I like the tribute to the short film on YouTube; I believe it is a good representation of the film put into a game. However for a game, I believe it can be better, and since there is a remake! I think I will be proven wrong. 

The truth is, I did feel the tension of the game, I liked it.

very interesting

pretty decent game . Gonna try the remake in another vid 

Great game! Gave me creepy vibes! Better not find a smiling man outside of my house!!!

my house!!!

Found two endings, are there more or not?

Really fun game! only critique is i felt there was too much time given for dialogue options. Maybe just a "click to continue" option. otherwise I loved this game!!

The music during the chase scared me a lot...

Game was terrifying! 

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