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In "The Wanted Man's House," plunge into the shadows of a slasher suspense, inspired by iconic horror films from the '80s and '90s. Take on the role of Mason, a daring adventurer in pursuit of fame, determined to break into the infamous residence of the sought-after killer known as "Baby Face."

The story unfolds as Mason, armed with courage and a camera, discovers that the location of the house has been inadvertently revealed by his own friends. His goal? Record every chilling moment to expose the terror in the city's newspaper. However, things take an unexpected turn when Baby Face returns home. Are you ready to face the nightmare?

Mode: Single player video game

Genre: Horror

The music and sounds in the game are not copyrighted.

Developer: Diego Victor


3D Models Assets: Elbolilloduro

PS1-style game


W, A, S, D Move
Shift Run
Left Mouse Button Interact
I Open inventory
Space Skip
Updated 2 days ago
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, creepypasta, Horror, Retro, Singleplayer, Slasher, Survival Horror, vhs
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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love your games always Noxus 

DO NOT GO INTO THIS HOUSE at 3AM.. | The Wanted Man鈥檚 House

This game was a pleasant experience, kept me on my toes the whole time! 

Amazing game

Really enjoyed this, the notes were written amazingly well!

This developer's got some good games. It's a shame my recording of Leave Me Alone failed, but this one's pretty good too. Does lack the same sort of tension building.


good game, although there was a bug that was kind of annoying...

but overall i liked it alot

keep up the good work

(1 edit) (+1)

the game is very bugy fix these issuse becuse its unplayble the player stops out of nowwehre you cant even relise wich way you came back from its all the same 

What bugs did you see?


Loved this game! Honestly took me back to that 2014 - 2016ish era of horror games YouTubers would play! Great game!


A really cool game game! I loved everything about it.


One of the most intense chases on Itch. Really well done in every aspect and terrifying when it needed to be. Great job !  

I made a video on your game if you're interested :)

even after a year and a half i still come back to itch.io just for these games


This was really good, nice amount of detail in the notes as well. 


I loved the personnal notes of the killer explaining why they did it.  It was a pretty fun game.


I don't know why our character thought messing with a man named "Baby Face" wasn't gonna end TERRIBLY!! Another enjoyable killer from NoxusGames. I loved the way that you guys handled the basement section (especially the final section!) and I can't wait for the next entry!


Played this on my channel, really enjoyed it, the story was interesting, and the having to figure things out while being chased was terrifying!

Keep up the great work!

Show post...

Felt unnerved !


Great game, but minus for that invisible wall 馃槀


YO NOXUSGAMESSTUDIO! YO yet another banger! I messed with your other games in the past, and all of them haven't failed to instill FEAR into your boy, good stuff! >:D


 I had fun! I wish there was another save after you leave the house. Other than that it was good! 


hey i have a question for you, how did you learn unity?


I don't use Unity, I use Coppercube.




Why was this game so fun? loved it!


Hello, I played this game and I enjoyed it, good work :)


Alright, 10/10 now. I played this before but the game kept crashing. now it is fixed and I loved it. 

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Cara senti saudades dos seus jogos eu espero que voc锚 sempre continue produzindo fiquei feliz de ver que voc锚 melhorou bastante, fiquei surpresa com esse jogo, gostei da hist贸ria e dos puzzles fez um 贸timo trabalho continue assim

Gameplay PT-BR 


Opa Easy
Vlw por jogar e gravar mais um jogo meu! Fico feliz que tenha gostado do jogo. M锚s que vem ou no final desse m锚s ainda tem mais.馃憤


What engine do you use to create games like this?



Game surprised me with great content 

(1 edit) (+1)

There was more to this game than I thought and the killer showing up unexpectedly a few times startled me lol 



Got lost in the woods a few times, wish I had a compass with me xD

Deleted 83 days ago
(1 edit)

This bug was recently fixed.

Deleted 83 days ago

hi its me again i played the "New graphics and bug fixes'' today and it fixed my problem thanks for that but it would be better if were on controller can you please make it controller access 

Thank you...


Another W game 馃敟馃敟

Very interesting game. 


This was definitely a scary experience! Being chased while trying to search for items. Kind of wish the soundtrack didn't stop when doing the searching Lol. Apart from that not bad. Made a video on it.




Personally, I think it's a bit disappointing that the progress bar was displayed during the item exploration process, interrupting the flow of the horror atmosphere. Still, it was a scary and thrilling game with the killer Baby Face approaching at a really fast pace, and it was a pretty well-made game


there is a bug that is everytime i go around the house it restarts the game is there a way you can fix that????

...Thank you

Thanks for letting me know.

I've been trying to solve this bug for a while, but unfortunately it's not happening to everyone, including me. I'll try to resolve it as soon as possible!


I love the graphic of this game. It reminds me of my childhood when I played old PS1 game. Good Job DEV. :-D Here is my 5 minutes+ gameplay. Enjoy~


Good game! It was really fun when I was being chased by a killer and had to solve a puzzle, even though it was difficult and I had to repeat it many times. Looking forward to your next project... :)


great game! 

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