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The protagonist takes on the role of an Urban Explorer, where this time, he decides to explore a forest called 'Raven Wood', where there is a legend that says there is a creature that is not human, but has a similar form, that kills anyone who dares to enter it. According to reports, these creatures emerged through a ritual, and according to rumors, all those who dared to enter the forest never came out, except for one person who managed to survive after entering this place, and mysteriously was killed 2 weeks after visiting the place.

Mode: Single player video game

Genre: Horror

The game contains 3 endings

The music and sounds in the game are not copyrighted.

The Project is still under development, and in the future there will be more updates to enhance it. Like possible additions of new endings, expansion on the map, history...

Developer: Diego Victor


3D Models Assets: ElbolilloduroWersaus33

PS1-style game with CRT/VHS


W, A, S, DMove
Left Mouse ButtonInteract
0, 1, 2Switch items



Ram: 4GB

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad


Ram: 6GB


Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(32 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, creepypasta, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Short, Survival Horror, vhs
Average sessionA few minutes


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Esto es un juego categoría WTF. Muy entretenido y te hace decir WTF todo el tiempo.

Nice and fun game :D


Fun game, but I think I missed an ending. Is there a way to open the locked door?

I like the game, but the mouse sensitivity is framerate dependent so it jitters a lot.


This game reminded me of the time my dad and I went for a hike in the woods, he told me to "wait here" while he went to "find a place to pee" and never came back.


Really good one! The atmosphere, together with the jumpscares and ambience really gets to you. I enjoyed it a lot. The game starts at 6:50


Faz mais jogo

Tem muito jogo vindo aí...👀

Muito bom


Watching from the shadows! I enjoyed finding the other endings, and getting the chance to start just before the chase was convenient and made getting the other ending easier; thank you!

Mayne Noxus Games Dosent miss 

This was a scary one! It took me several tries to figure it out, but it was worth it!

Can't wait for the full game. Thought I was going to be able to burn something with the gas.

Good Beta Bruh!

the evolution of noxus is remarkable, keep it up

I jus wish getting chased was scarier, but the atmosphere is well put together 

I loved the setting, besides that it is entertaining and having several endings makes you play it over and over again, a good game!
Game Here con subtitulos en Español, no olvides activarlos primero.

No pude evitar dar ese grito, de verdad no me esperaba ese susto JAJAJA muy bueno, te dejo mi Gameplay para que te diviértas un rato!
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this game got me a few times, 7/10! Some more buildings to explore and a more complex story would be awesome.

jump scare got me 




Why They Do Me Like That in That Room

Fun short game, reminded me of Jeepers Creepers for some reason lol full video is out on my youtube channel
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This game was good, I really liked the intro. I do feel there was a lack of direction though, so I got lost more than once. I made a video if you're interested, and please consider subscribing, I'm trying to hit a new goal. It is the first game I play.


Very good ! i want to invite you to play my games that i created, please play it

Cool game, had to play it a few times to beat it but I liked the multiple endings.

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We need full version 😁



Sorry I played like a week ago so I forgot somethings...

Ok there was a big problem with this game (or maybe I'm stupid) but I want to talk about the good first.

It had a nice atmosphere, music scene and such, that built up to the monster. With the atmosphere the way that it was it made you really interested to see when ad where the scares were. 

Intro cut scene.
The intro cut scene also helped to set the world up a little. It added a bit of "pre-game" interest.

Lack of Direction.
I found myself lost more often then not and one of the locations I just so happened to stumble upon. And at one of the locations there was a note of instructions that I couldn't quite do (which could have been on me).

No "Scares"
I'm not a biggest fan of jumpscares but I can't help but think this game could have benefited from one or two of them. The "scare factor" of this game was completely gone once you saw the monster the first time but there was still quite a bit of game left.

All in all it started pretty strong but dropped the ball early and left it there.

If there is more to it could you let me know I'll go back and check out whatever I missed. I've also played the smiling man and left feedback on that. I think I will check out more from you. Thank You for the game. Keep it up.

Really fun game! I love it bcs you not only give player bad ending! Wish you like my game play :)

Nice beta, can't wait for the full release.

Fun game!! I'm actually super looking forward to an expanded story and areas to run around in. The atmosphere is quite good!



this was a very creepy horror game and kinda reminded me of slender really well made

I played this game in my 3 scary games video. A simple and fun multi-ending experience. Good work!

This game has a lot of room to add things. It felt bland and needed more to it as it was very short. I want more story and more scares. I felt no desire to try and get another ending as the first one didn't feel rewarding. I felt like it was too easy to run from the shadow man so more obstacles would of made it a bit better. Even some small little puzzles would make the game more interesting to play. Hope my suggestions help in making your game great. If not I hope it at least gives you some extra ideas.

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