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It's back! In this remake you can play through the real story told by Blue Tidal, as well as the alternative story, which is a recreation of the first game. In this remake too, the music and sounds have been recreated, with each ending having its own music.

The suspense part of the game was inspired by some famous horror movies from the 80s/90s.

As the main story is based on the real story of Blue Tidal, it ends up being very short, unlike the alternative story which is a recreation and reimagining of the first game.

Mode: Single player video game

Genre: Horror

The alternative story contains 3 different endings.

The music and sounds in the game are not copyrighted.

Developer: Diego Victor


3D Models Assets: ElbolilloduroWersaus33

Story writer: Blue Tidal

Inspired by Michael Evans' short horror film

PS1-style game with CRT/VHS


W, A, S, D Move
Shift Run
Left Mouse Button Interact
TabLook at the objectives



Ram: 4GB

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti

Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad


Ram: 6GB


Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad

Updated 2 days ago
Release date Sep 17, 2023
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, creepypasta, Horror, PSX (PlayStation), Remake, Retro, Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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...I got scared alright.


This game is a fun experience. It defiantly didn鈥檛 make me feel safe ever

This game was so fun to play, and the video was fun to make as well, definitely gave me a good scare, thanks to Noxus for giving us this treat <3 

Good Game!!!

This has been one of my favorite stories ever since I heard it on the NoSleep Podcast all the way back in their second season. I was pretty excited to see it in game form and I was not disappointed. Very good job on this!

Pretty interesting take! I like the way everything was built to be viewed as a movie horror short (Exactly what I like :) ). I do gotta say though, I feel I chose the wrong story as I couldn't find the alternate endings. I did fall through the map! Fun game though, thank you for making this Noxus! 

If you're not a horror sort of person you can watch this playthrough :)

most terrifying game on this site

AHHHHHHHHHH... but great game tho :)

Good game 馃槂

excellent game and atmosphere! Good game!

This Game Was Interesting....

Played the original when it came out and enjoyed it a lot! This remake brought much more though and I really enjoyed it

I played your 1st version of this not too long after it came out last year and enjoyed it, but I enjoyed this one even more after figuring out it was based on a true story! Set the atmosphere very well and scared me a few times as well lol. Awesome work!

good game

I liked his dance.. at least before he scared me!!

short but I enjoy it :D

Never walking at night ever again! great game tho! :))

Great game, i enjoyed the eerie story and gameplay! overall good job! 

Great game! I liked the story and the feel of the game. Some of the cutscenes were a little too long but overall, I think you did a good job. 8/10

This man is so creepy!

Aqui 茅 BR porra 

It's amazing!

That was so Fun 

BTW thanks for every SUBSCRIBER


First one so good, I had to come back for seconds.


i almost died once playing this

this one got me 

Fun little game with some creepy atmosphere.  Also a good reminder to not go out for late night walks at 2am! 馃槅

Funny game

Funny game, quite fun.


very creepy good job!!

Its is a very short but good game. Unfortunately, when you start the game, it takes literally 2 minutes to get to the menu where you can start the actual game because of LOTS of credits. You are basically playing like 3-4 minutes. The rest of the 15mins are dialogues and unskippable credits.

Also I expected way more of the alternate story.


This is incredible!!! Your game is the perfect horror stuff we're waiting for in PC CURSED '98, a fake horror magazine in an alternate year 1998! do you want to join? Send the game to our HAUNTED JAM and appears on the CURSED 1 DEMO DISC for PC!!


I did enjoy the horror atmosphere and the idea of this game, but did you really had to make me go through 10 minutes of unskippable credits and repeating menus to play this game? I feel like I spent more time waiting for the game to start than actually playing it which did hurt the experience for me.

you see the title...no night walks..


Loved the game, I had a lot of fun!

Vlw por jogar!


Very Fun Silly Horror Game Which Actually Gave Me Decent Jumpscares. Personally I liked the Alternate Story better.

Gameplay BR

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